News Releases

Topic on Regulations Related to the Transportation of Palm Oil Products, Presented by Cdr Ang Chin Hup (R)18 July 2022
Indian Ocean Rim Academic Group (IORAG) Virtual Meeting6 July 2022
Heartiest Congratulations!1 July 2022
The Day of the Seafarer Celebration on the East Coast  25 June 2022
Seminar on Enhancing the Area of Ocean Governance of the EU Strategy for Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific through Dialogue24 June 2022
Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme (MTCP) 2022 on Effective Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) Management18 June 2022
Our Heartiest Congratulations2 June 2022
Workshop on ‘Beyond the Geopolitics of the Quad in Bangkok, Thailand on 4 – 6 May 2022, Cdr Ang Chin Hup (R )6 May 2022
MIMA Researchers Session with the Ministry of Transport Malaysia20 April 2022
International Lecture on the Straits of Malacca   20 April 2022
Cdr Ang (R ) as one of the speakers at the Eastern Indian Ocean Maritime Security Workshop hosted by ANCORS, Australia22 March 2022
The 45th Annual Conference on Oceans Law & Policy: UNCLOS at 40 from 16 to 18 March 202218 March 2022
Our Heartiest Congratulations14 March 2022
Addressing sources of marine litter in the region14 March 2022
Maritime Education in Malaysia: Do we need a policy?24 February 2022
East Asia Summit (EAS) Workshop on combatting marine pollution15 February 2022
Seminar: Thinking about the marine debris problem in ASEAN and Japan17 January 2022
Happy New Year 2022 from YBhg. Dato’ Mohamed Suffian bin Awang, Chairman5 January 2022
Happy New Year 2022 from YBhg. Datuk Dr Sabirin bin Ja’afar, Director-General5 January 2022
SEA of Solutions 2021: Soft launch of the national policy and action plan on marine litter16 November 2021
HIGH-LEVEL PANEL: Fostering Innovation, knowledge sharing, and technology deployment towards maritime decarbonisation10 November 2021
Head of Centre for MEI Speaking at the Indo- Pacific Regional Dialogue (IPRD – 2021)28 October 2021
International Conference on Tropical Sciences (TropSc 2021): Contributions to Sustainability26 October 2021
Steering Committee Meeting for Bunkering Industry in Malaysia26 October 2021
MIMA at UNEP’s Launch Event From Pollution to Solution: A global assessment of marine litter and plastic pollution26 October 2021
Technical Committee Meeting for the Bunkering Industry in Malaysia21 October 2021
Ministry of Environment and Water (KASA) – MIMA Town Hall Session on Harmonising National Actions to Address Marine Litter Pollution20 September 2021
Talk at Indonesia’s international Conference on Global Research on Sustainable Transport & Logistics (GROSTLog 2021)2 September 2021
MIMA 28th Annual General Meeting1 September 2021
Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme (MTCP) 2021: MIMA’s Second Training Programme on Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning (CMSP)30 July 2021
Heartiest Congratulations to Our Promoted Staff14 July 2021
MTCP 2021: A Joint Training Course with the Centre for Maritime Economics and Industries9 July 2021
Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme (MTCP) 2021: Training Programme on Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning (CMSP) for the Indian Ocean Region1 July 2021
Pre-consultations towards a global agenda to address marine litter and plastic pollution29 June 2021
Webinar on Economic Security, Cyber Domain, and Technology: Vulnerabilities and Prospects for Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific, Centre for Straits of Malacca (SOM)17 June 2021
World Oceans Day 2021 – Ocean Life and Livelihood in the Tropics8 June 2021
World Oceans Day 2021 – Ocean Acidification: Impacts on Life and Livelihoods8 June 2021
Workshop on Research Methods and Scholarly Writing in the Maritime Field1 June 2021
World Oceans Day Photography Contest June 202131 May 2021
Researchers from the Centre for Maritime Security and Diplomacy (MSD) steering the way28 May 2021
MIMA on Malaysia National Logistics Task Force Meeting27 May 2021
Developing a Malaysian Maritime Analytical Dashboard27 April 2021
Presentation on Cabotage Policy to the Ministry of Infrastructure Development of Sabah26 April 2021
Expert Talk Session: Fisheries Management in Malaysia23 April 2021
Webinar: MISC Security Talk 202131 March 2021
The 4th International Symposium on Conservation and Management of Wetlands (ISCMW)15 March 2021
Towards a Sustainable Blue Forest Economy10 March 2021
Discussion: The Way Forward for Cabotage Policy in Sarawak8 March 2021
“Sumbangan Murni kepada Nelayan Kita” to lend a helping hand to fishermen of Pangkor4 March 2021
MIMA appointment in the Expert Advisory Panel under MOSTI, 2021 – 20232 March 2021
National Steering Committee on Marine Litter No. 1/20215 February 2021
Workshop: Opportunities and Challenges for a Blue Economy in the Asia-Pacific Region in a COVID-19 World3 February 2021
Partnership with the University of Malaya, 2020 – 20212 February 2021
Restoring US Leadership in Southeast Asia: The Maritime Front26 January 2021
Opening Event for 2021: Agreement Signing Ceremony with UTM4 January 2021
MIMA – INOS (UMT) Engagement: Industry in the Classroom31 December 2020
Online Lecture Series on Ocean Governance30 December 2020
Sharing Session: Corporate Overview on Port’s Operation28 December 2020
Roundtable on Stakeholders’ Engagement to Address Marine Litter in Malaysia through a Policy Framework21 December 2020
Addressing Blue Carbon Importance at the Malaysian Nature Tours Digital Launch10 December 2020
International Webinar on Marine Environment9 December 2020
MIMA 27th Annual General Meeting in the New Normal4 December 2020
Webinar On Port Governance And Management: Post-Pandemic Recovery30 November 2020
The UN ESCAP’s Virtual Expert Group Meeting on Smart Port Development for Sustainable Maritime Connectivity in Asia and the Pacific27 November 2020
Keeping at par with international best practices on mangroves conservation26 July 2020