MIMA 28th Annual General Meeting


Dato’ Mohamed Suffian Awang delivering his Opening Speech

MIMA had the 28th Annual General Meeting last Monday, the 30 August 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic worrying situation and physical meetings are still not allowed, the AGM was held through the Zoom platform. As we can foresee, the pandemic is going to be among us for quite some time. Therefore we have to learn to adapt to the new normal. As we live depending much on technology now, many things can be done without having face-to-face meetings.

The meeting began with a speech from the Chairman of MIMA, YBhg. Dato’ Mohamed Suffian Awang. Before starting his Opening Speech that morning, he took a minute to say a prayer to one of MIMA’s founders, Tun Ahmad Sarji Abdul Hamid, who left us on 28 August 2021. May his soul be showered with grace. In his Opening Remark, YBhg. Dato’ Mohamed Suffian Awang emphasized the aspect of working in the COVID-19 era. Understanding mental and physical challenges to adapt to the current situation, he said it is not an excuse not to do the best. He shared MIMA’s achievements as of to date. Later after his speech, he continued to conduct the proceeding smoothly. The members were all supportive throughout the meeting.

The members are smiling at the camera

More than ten members attended the meeting through Zoom, while the rest have presented their proxies earlier to the company Secretary, which has fulfilled the quorum requirement to convene an AGM.

Datuk Mohd Sidik Shaik Osman conveying his few words

We would like to take this opportunity to thank one of our Board of Directors, YBhg. Datuk Mohd Sidik Shaik Osman will be ending his tenure as Director in MIMA after serving since 2003. He had contributed a lot to shaping MIMA until today. MIMA will surely remember his contribution and practice his advice to be Malaysia’s notable maritime research institute. Thank you, Sir!

We are looking forward to more future programmes with MIMA’s members. We truly appreciate the support and encouragement that everyone has given.

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