MIMA Researchers Session with the Ministry of Transport Malaysia

MIMA Seminar Room
14 April 2022

As an agency under the Ministry of Transport (MOT) Malaysia, MIMA is pleased to have hosted a session with the Ministry. Capt. Mohamad Halim Ahmed, the Undersecretary of the Maritime Division of MOT alongside officers from the division were present for the briefing session. 

During the session.

In his welcoming remarks, Director-General Datuk Dr Sabirin Ja’afar emphasised his aspirations to work closely and assist the Ministry through timely and implementable policy recommendations.    

In the 2-hour session, Capt. Mohamad Halim shared his views and insights on the Ministry’s priorities in maritime research areas. He also highlighted some of the research focus that MIMA could prioritise for the nation, and further develop to become a Centre of Excellence (COE) through its five research centres with the focus on maritime economics, security, legal aspects, environmental sustainability, as well as management of the Straits of Malacca. This was later followed by an interactive discussion session. The session provided a great opportunity for all the MIMA researchers to gauge the Ministry towards planning their research focus and deliverables.

Capt. Mohamad Halim, Undersecretary of the Maritime Division of the MOT delivering his presentation.

MIMA appreciates MOT’s close cooperation, support and guidance, and will continue to work hand-in-hand with the Ministry on realising the maritime policy research priorities and deliverables.

Datuk Dr. Sabirin Ja’afar sharing research publications with Capt. Mohamad Halim as a token of appreciation.

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