MIMA 27th Annual General Meeting in the New Normal

During the virtual meeting

The MIMA Annual General Meeting is a yearly event to clear pertinent documents like the previous year’s Financial Audit Report, and to obtain members’ consent on other matters. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and movement restriction orders, this year was no exception.

On a blessed Friday, 4 December 2020, the 27th AGM was conducted as per the new norm via Zoom. It was a historic event – since its establishment in 1993, MIMA had never gathered its members virtually. The meeting turned out to be a resounding success.

The Deputy Minister of Transport YB  Haji Hasbi Habibollah officiating the meeting

Out of MIMA’s 68-strong collective, 38 members joined the virtual meeting, which was a good turnout. Their support was encouraging. MIMA Chairman YBhg. Dato’ Mohamed Suffian Awang chaired the meeting and guided the members through. We were honoured to have the meeting officiated by the Deputy Minister of Transport Malaysia YB Haji Hasbi Habibollah. It was a significant gesture for MIMA and its Members. YB Haji Hasbi delivered a speech that motivated MIMA to strive for the betterment of the maritime sector in Malaysia. MIMA would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Ministry of Transport, who had supported the institution since day one.

The meeting congratulates two newly elected members, YBhg. Raja Datuk Malik Saripulazan and YBhg. Datuk Azhar Mohamed as Board of Directors. They are especially welcome additions considering their wealth of experience in the maritime sector, and MIMA sincerely welcomes them and looks forward to working with them.

The proceedings were smooth, and members heartily voted for motions. It is regrettable however, that MIMA was unable to host refreshments as the meeting was conducted on a virtual platform. The Chairman, on behalf of MIMA, expressed his wish to host a luncheon or dinner to mingle with members as he and the Director-General YBhg. Datuk Dr. Sabirin Ja’afar has yet to meet them in person.

MIMA thanks all Members and our Board of Directors who took time out of today to join this virtual meeting. Congratulations too, to all staff who worked tirelessly to make this virtual meeting possible.

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