Latest Past Events

Seminar on Enhancing Resilience for Sustainable Ocean in the Indo-Pacific: Interventions and Opportunities

Agenda Register Hybrid Seminar (Physical at Zenith Hotel Putrajaya and Virtual via Zoom)The Maritime Institute of Malaysia (MIMA) with support from the Embassy of Japan in Malaysia will be hosting the seminar on ‘Enhancing Resilience for Sustainable Ocean in the Indo-Pacific: Interventions and Opportunities.’ The half-day seminar—divided into two sessions—aims to offer discussions on the climate

Strengthening Malaysia And China’s Maritime Cooperation Through Rcep Under The Current Geopolitical Dynamics

Agenda Register The governments of Malaysia and China seek to strengthen bilateral relations between both countries especially in the maritime domain. Both states want to promote cooperation between the two countries in the sectors of economy, connectivity, security, energy, and sustainability. Maritime cooperation between think tanks help cement the bond shared by both states at

Malaysia – Australia Dialogue Series on Combating Marine Plastic Pollution 2022

Agenda Register The Malaysian and Australian Governments signed a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership (CSP), and agreed to explore cooperation in solving marine plastic pollution, improving waste management, and creating a circular economy. In supporting the endeavor, two online workshops have been planned for 2022, to begin the dialogue between Australian and Malaysian academic institutions, Government and