MTCP 2024 – Navigating Global Conflicts: The Role of Maritime Economics Part 3

Venue: Swiss Garden Hotel, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur
Date: 10th-14th June 2024

14 June 2024 – The closing ceremony on the last day of the MTCP programme was distinguished by the presence of Ms. Nursyaheera Adila Zulkifli a representative from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malaysia (MOFA) who presented certificates to participants and delivered a closing address. Adding to the event’s significance, Professor Ts. Dr. Mohamad Rosni Othman, Director General of MIMA , alsoaddressed the gathering and delivered the certificates to the participants. As the host and organiser, MIMA expressed its confidence that the 5-day training course had provided a transformative and invaluable learning experience for all participants. Beyond the training sessions, participants engaged in Country Presentations from their respective nations, offering insights into their maritime economics and the challenges they face. The ceremony concluded with the Certificate Presentation, where each participant was recognised for their commitment and achievement. The programme’s impact extended into the realms of international collaboration, sustainable maritime practices, and the promise of a brighter future for the global maritime community.


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The ceremony concluded with the Certificate Presentation, a moment where each participant was individually recognised for their dedication and significant contributions to advancing knowledge and practices within the maritime sector. Beyond celebrating their achievements, the event underscored the profound impact of the programme on fostering international collaboration and promoting sustainable maritime practices. Participants left with a renewed commitment to upholding global maritime security and resilience, equipped with new insights and strategies shared among diverse maritime professionals. The programme not only strengthened bonds among participants but also reinforced the collective effort towards achieving a more sustainable and interconnected global maritime community.

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