Workshop on Research Methods and Scholarly Writing in the Maritime Field

Hybrid programme:
9 April & 3-6 May 2021 (physical engagement), 24 May 2021 (virtual platform)

In collaboration with the Green Cities & Construction Research Group (GCCRG) from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), MIMA conducted a training programme for researchers to augment their technical capabilities and research know-how through research methods and scholarly writing. The programme included mini-research from each researchers’ respective area of focus. 

The programme began with an introductory Research 101, held at MIMA on 9 April 2021. The brief session had the UTM team of experts involved in an hour’s session of gauging the researchers’ interest, basic research skills and background, and their expectations from the programme. Assoc. Prof. Ts. Ir. Dr Syuhaida Ismail led the GCCRG Team alongside Ts. Khairul Zahreen, Chitdrakantan Subramaniam, and Ariff Farhan as presenters and facilitators. MIMA’s Centre Coastal and Marine Environment (CMER) coordinated the programme.

AP. Ts. Ir. Dr Syuhaida Ismail providing a brief introduction to the workshop.

The programme was planned and tailor-made for MIMA, beginning with a week-long intensive session at the Institute in early May, focused on research methodology and academic writing approaches and comprehension. As part of the training, the UTM team of experts gave lectures, group exercises, and individual presentations. Each of the researchers then chose subjects of interest developed into a full paper and presentation within two weeks. 

Interactive discussions between facilitators and participants throughout the workshop

The MIMA researchers’ final presentations were held on a virtual platform (in accordance with the SOP in place) on 24 May 2021. The MIMA Director-General and various Centre Heads also attended this event. The researchers and experts actively debated the flow of a systematic study, understandings, and suggestions at each of the presentations. The responses obtained from the researchers involved were positive. MIMA expects to publish the researchers’ papers shortly.

The final paper presentation by MIMA researchers, held online.

Overall, the programme met its goal of providing structured training to MIMA’s younger researchers to propel MIMA to become Malaysia’s top research centre on maritime-related policy.

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