MTCP 2023: The Future of Maritime Economics: Solutions to the Global Conflicts via UN SDG 8 Integration

18-22 September 2023 – MIMA had successfully organised a 5-day MTCP Programme, a training workshop, held from 18-22 September 2023. There were 16 participants hailing from South Africa, Uzbekistan, Jordan, Cambodia, Azerbaijan, Kenya, Timor-Leste, Thailand, Algeria, Tajikistan, Maldives, Pakistan and Dubai.

The programme included in-class training sessions, technical and cultural visits, as well as presentations from all the participants, representing each of their hometown country’s maritime-related affairs and strategies employed in promoting the integration of SDG 8 in maritime economics (SDG 8 in maritime economics encouraging productive employment, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, as well as decent work for all).

[Training Session 1]

The opening ceremony on 18 September 2023 was graced by Dato’ Mohamed Suffian Awang, Chairman of MIMA. Dato’ Suffian delivered a heartfelt Opening Remarks, extending a warm welcome to all participants as they embarked on their maritime education journey in the beautiful setting of Malaysia.
The first day of the training session (in-class) featured the esteemed speakers who talked about ‘Overview of Global Maritime Trade’. These experts provided invaluable insights into the world of maritime commerce. Notable speakers included:

  1. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Andrew Kam Jia Yi, The National University of Malaysia (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, UKM)
  2. Mr. James Ong, Malaysia Shipowners Association (MASA)
  3. Ms. Eliya Nur Abdul Rahman and Mr. Adam Fadzil, the Malaysia International Shipping Corporation (MISC)
  4. Mr. Nazery Khalid, Boustead Heavy Industry Corporation (BHIC)
  5. Captain Kenneth Khoo, Sealestial Marine Group of Companies

All the talks provided a comprehensive understanding of the global maritime trade landscape, making it an essential starting point for our participants. Participants were mainly exposed to the case studies related to global conflicts, such as the Russia-Ukraine crisis and China’s ZERO-COVID Policy, and the lessons learnt from them.


[Training Session 2]

The momentum continued on 21 September 2023, with our second in-class training session centred around the central theme, ‘Integrating SDG 8 to Promote Human Capital Development for Sustainable Maritime Industry. ‘ This session brought together thought leaders committed to fostering sustainable growth within the maritime sector. Our esteemed speakers included:

  1. Assoc. Prof. EUR. ING. Ts. Ir. Dr. Syuhaida binti Ismail, MIMA
  2. Dr. Yasmin Mohd Hasni, Malaysia Marine Department (MMD)
  3. Mr. Hasif Halim, MIMA

The second in-class training session was dedicated to exploring the practical application of Sustainable Development Goal 8 (SDG 8 ) in the context of maritime industry development, underscoring the importance of human capital development for sustainability.

[Country Presentation]

Representatives from each participating country made the effort to present a comprehensive overview of their homeland’s maritime landscape, sustainable industry frameworks, global conflicts’ impacts, and their strategies for integrating Sustainable Development Goal 8 (SDG 8 ) into maritime economics.

[Technical and Cultural Visits]

In our commitment to providing a holistic learning experience, MIMA carefully curated Technical and Cultural Visits on 19-21 September 2023 for the MTCP participants.

A. Technical Visit to Port Klang Authority

19 September 2023: The MTCP participants had the opportunity to embark on the heart of Malaysia’s maritime infrastructure. The day commenced with visits to the Westport and Northport of Port Klang, an essential gateway for global trade. These visits were designed to offer an immersive and hands-on understanding of port operations, led by Mr. Kamaredzwan Kamaruzaman, one of the Corporate Communications Officers from the Port Klang Authority (PKA).

The first leg of this enlightening experience took the participants to Northport, where they were warmly received and hosted by Mr. Tahir Aziz, Head of the Facilities Department. Participants witnessed the intricate workings of the Northport, gaining valuable insights into its functions.

Subsequently, the delegation proceeded to Westports, welcomed by Mr. Abdul Muiz Abdul Aziz, Government Relations Manager of Westports Malaysia Sdn Bhd. This visit unveiled the operational procedures and functions of the Westports, contributing to a comprehensive grasp of port logistics and management.

B. Cultural Visit in Kuala Lumpur

20 September 2023: A day filled with enriching cultural experiences for the MTCP participants. This day was dedicated to exploring Malaysia’s rich heritage and vibrant traditions.

The day began with a visit to the Royal Selangor Visitor Centre, which provided them with insights into Malaysias earliest economic activities; tin mining and pewter making, that shaped the socio-economic background of Malaysia. The Participants had the opportunity to engage in a creative activitycrafting their own pewter dishes. This hands-on experience allowed them to connect with Malaysia’s rich artistic heritage and take home a piece of their craftsmanship.
Following the artistic endeavour, the participants were then invited to the new office of MIMA at HLX Tower. Here, amidst a warm and inviting atmosphere, they were treated to a delightful selection of local fruits while engaging in meaningful networking opportunities with the members of MIMA’s Research Unit. This interaction not only expanded their professional network but also provided valuable insights into the maritime research landscape.

To further acquaint participants with Malaysia’s iconic landmarks and cultural treasures, the day concluded with a visit to MinNature Malaysia at JUMPA, Sungei Wang Plaza. This captivating miniature wonderland showcased Malaysia’s breathtaking landscapes and historical monuments, offering participants a unique perspective on the country’s cultural and architectural heritage.
For many of our participants, this was their first visit to Malaysia, and it was a privilege to introduce them to the country’s captivating culture and iconic destinations.

C. Cultural Visit in Putrajaya

22 September 2023: A visit to Putrajaya also took place to showcase Malaysias administrative centre. A particular highlight of the visit was the excursion to the Putra Perdana area, where participants had the privilege of visiting the Putra Mosque.

Next, participants’ journey through Malaysia’s historical tapestry continued to the Millennium Alaf Baru, where the nation’s rich history is vividly depicted on the walls of the walkway.

This visit to Putrajaya was more than a mere tour; it was a gateway to Malaysia’s governance, culture, and history. It offered our participants a unique perspective on the nation’s administrative prowess. The cultural experience from this visit added depth to their understanding of Malaysia’s multifaceted identity, leaving an indelible mark on their journey of exploration and learning.

[Closing Ceremony]

22 September 2023: The closing ceremony on the last day of the programme was livened by the attendance of Dato Mohamed Suffian Awang, Chairman of MIMA and Ms. Carmallia Budiaty Che Embi, Principal Secretary International Cooperation and Development Division (ICADD) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malaysia.

Adding to the event’s grandeur, H. E. Francis N. Muhoro, the High Commissioner of Kenya to Malaysia, graced the occasion as a guest of honour. In a remarkable display of international solidarity, representatives from eleven (11) embassies in Kuala Lumpur were also in attendance, demonstrating the global importance and relevance of the MTCP Programme.

As the host and organiser, MIMA expressed its hope that the 5-day training course had provided a transformative and invaluable learning experience for all participants. The program’s impact was extended beyond the confines of the training room, reaching into the realms of international collaboration, sustainable maritime practices, and the promise of a brighter future for the global maritime community.

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