Pathway Towards Modernising Malaysian AgroFood System through Digital Transformation  

Sasana Kijang, Kuala Lumpur

A Technical Workshop on “Pathway Towards Modernising Malaysian AgroFood System Through Digital Transformation” was organised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security (MAFS) Malaysia in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy and the World Bank.

The overall effort has been prompted by the cognisance that digital technologies are revolutionising societies and economies in almost all sectors, including agriculture – especially in improving efficiency and reducing risks at multiple stages of production, reducing inequalities, and improving environmental sustainability. The forum therefore aimed to identify enabling environment in developing a digital ecosystem, establishing digital building blocks, and innovating in partnership with private sectors, academia/ think tanks, ministries, and agencies therein.

The forum assembled a strategic cross-section of relevant key stakeholders to share their insights, experiences, and aspiration, as well as challenges and potential pitfalls focusing on the different sectors involved.

Ms Cheryl Rita, Research Fellow and Head of the MIMA Centre for Straits of Malacca (SOM) was invited to speak at the Panel on Digital Transformation in the Marine Fisheries sector. The session agreed that the long-term viability of the national fisheries and aquaculture sector necessarily requires an increase in productivity and competitiveness through technological development and the implementation of modern monitoring systems to ensure environmental sustainability and sustainable development.

The discussions also focused on national experiences, challenges, and opportunities in digital transformation cross-cutting sectors and areas, and was attended by key stakeholders from private sectors, academia/ think tanks, and the government.

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