Sharing Session: Corporate Overview on Port’s Operation

Mr. Abdul Wahab doing his presentation

A sharing session was conducted by the Centre for Maritime Economics and Industries (MEI) on 23rd December 2020, Wednesday. They invited Mr. Abdul Wahab Hasan, who had 37 years of experience working in the port industry. He was an Adviser, Ports and Logistics at Northport. His last post before he retired in March 2018, was the Head of Human Capital Development where his major role was to strengthen and empower talent growth in the sector.

The attendees focusing on the sharing session

The session was officiated by the Director-General, YBhg. Datuk Dr. Sabirin Ja’afar who expressed his gratitude for having Mr. Abdul Wahab for the sharing session. Indeed, the sharing session was meaningful as Mr. Abdul Wahab able to share his stories of how was the day-to-day operation at the port during his time. The sharing session helped the staff to understand more about what and how is the procedures conducted at the port. At the end of the session, the attendees had a chance to exchange ideas and ask Mr. Abdul Wahab on certain areas that they were not clear about. It was attended by all MIMA staff, researchers and Centre Heads. We hope there will be more activities at the same length conducted in the future to maintain the momentum and increase the knowledge of the researchers and staff.

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