Online Lecture Series on Ocean Governance

MIMA was invited as part of the Ocean Governance Online Lecture Series by the School of Maritime Law, Policy, and Administration of the Gujarat Maritime University (GMU), India.


Cheryl Rita Kaur spoke on the legal and management role of marine spatial planning (MSP) in ocean governance, with a regional perspective. In her deliberations, she emphasised MSP as a planning tool for improving the management of the coastal and marine environments, its benefits, information needs, as well as challenges towards integrating ocean and land-use management, managing multiple and conflicting uses, and community involvement. She further elaborated on the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and legislative basis for the application of MSP, supported by some case studies from the national and regional context.  

Faculty members, Master students as well as international participants attended the forum. Discussion among the attendees focused especially on benchmarking current practices as well as major challenges towards effective adoption and implementation of MSP by countries. 

MIMA hopes to continue the sharing of views and perspectives with like-minded counterparts on areas of mutual interests.

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