Marine Biotechnology Research in Malaysia: A Directory

Malaysia’s long coastline, warm and productive sea environment, and the many islands offer vast opportunities for the development and commercialization of marine biotechnology. However, Malaysia has yet to make much significant headway in this area.

Trained manpower and the development of essential infrastructure will play a pivotal role in promoting marine biotechnology. A survey of the state-of-knowledge in this field is a first step towards providing a yardstick for measuring the country’s capability for a leap forward. This has been done by compiling work and studies done in marine biotechnology geared mainly towards biotechnology and preparing a directory of experts in this field. The information so gathered from almost all leading institutions in Malaysia will help in prioritizing and co-ordinating the research objectives.

Inasmuch as marine biotechnology will play an increasingly important role in many areas of human endeavor, including the extraction of pharmaceuticals, aquaculture, environmental remediation, among others, it is necessary that lines of action are carefully oriented to make them need-based and marketable.

Compiled by: Almah Awaluddin

ISBN: 9679785785

Year published: 1996