Malaysia: A Maritime Nation (Hard Cover)


The notion of Malaysia as a maritime nation is not new. As a coastal state surrounded by significant bodies of water, Malaysia exhibits many characteristics of a maritime nation where peace, economic stability, and security are priorities in its rise and development.

This book discusses Malaysia’s aspiration of a maritime nation. It features various aspects of maritime sectors and will conclusively embark on a journey that would shape and rekindle interest in the concept of Malaysia as a maritime nation through literature, discussion, and research.

Editors: Ruhanas Harun & Sabirin Ja’afar
ISBN: 978-983-9275-68-1
Year Published: 2021


  • Message from the Minister of Transport Malaysia (Datuk Seri Ir. Dr. Wee Ka Siong)
  • Foreword (Dato’ Mohamed Suffian Awang)
  • Acknowledgment
  • Making Malaysia a Credible Sea Power (B.A. Hamzah)
  • Introduction: Shaping Malaysia into a Maritime Nation (Sabirin Ja’afar & Ruhanas Harun)
  • Chapter 1: The Evolution of Malaysia’s Maritime Aspirations (Roy Anthony Rogers)
  • Chapter 2 :Malaysia’s Maritime Realm: The Geostrategic Imperatives (Sumathy Permal)
  • Chapter 3: Maritime Security Threats: Issues and Challenges in Malaysia’s Maritime Domain (Alif Hidayat & Jeslyn Tan)
  • Chapter 4 :Marine Geodetic Infrastructures: Building Blocks of a Maritime Nation (Azhari Mohamed, Mohammad Zaki Mohd Ghazali, Mohd Yunus Mohd Yusoff, Irwan Khushaini Mohd Jan, Muhammad Asyran Che Amat & Abd. Majid A. Kadir)
  • Chapter 5 :The Development of the Maritime Transportation Industry in Malaysia (Ang Chin Hup [R])
  • Chapter 6: Marine Tourism in Malaysia: Prospects and Challenges (Mohmed Razip Hasan)
  • Chapter 7: Malaysian Shipbuilding and Ship Repair: Contributing to the National Maritime Agenda (Muhammad Fahmi Ismail & Soo Jee Main)
  • Chapter 8: Challenges and Opportunities for Malaysian Seafarers (Zuradi Zainol Abidin & Aliza Ismail)
  • Chapter 9: Conservation and Sustainable Management of Marine Living Resources and the Environment: A National Perspective (Cheryl Rita Kaur)
  • Chapter 10: The Socio-Cultural Aspects of Maritime Malaysia (Hanizah Idris)
  • Chapter 11: Safeguarding Malaysia’s Underwater Cultural Heritage: The Legal Framework (Ruzairy Arbi)
  • Chapter 12: Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion: The Southeast Asian Development (A. Bakar Jaafar & Mohd Khairi Abu Husain)
  • Chapter 13: Malaysia: Reinforcing its Pivotal Role in the International Maritime Community (Mohamad Halim Ahmed)
  • Chapter 14: The Role of the Marine Department Malaysia in Ensuring Safe and Secure Navigation (Haji Baharin Abdul Hamid)
  • Chapter 15: Malaysia’s Reform Agenda and its Role in Ocean and Maritime Governance (Anis Yusal Yusoff)
  • Conclusion: Maritime Malaysia: Building on the Past, Charting the Future (Ruhanas Harun)
  • Index