45th Annual Conference on Oceans Law & Policy (COLP): UNCLOS at 40

The 45th Annual Conference on Oceans Law & Policy (COLP), themed UNCLOS at 40, was hosted virtually by the Maritime Institute of Malaysia and the Stockton Center for International Law, United States Naval War College from 16–18 March 2022.


The COLP is a preeminent global international maritime law meeting conducted annually by SCIL in conjunction with prominent co-sponsors from across the world. The 45th COLP was co-sponsored by the Embassy of Japan in Malaysia, the World Maritime University -Sasakawa Global Ocean Institute, and the Korea Maritime Institute, with generous support from the Centre for International Law, Turkey’s National Center for the Sea and Maritime Law, and the Japan Institute of International Affairs.


The COLP brings together some of the most preeminent figures in oceans law and policy with new voices and perspectives, especially from East Asia and the developing world, to address pressing issues of oceans law and policy. The 45th COLP explored laws governing illegal, unregulated, and unreported fishing, laws applicable to the continental shelf, including submarine cables, protection of the marine environment, biodiversity beyond national jurisdiction, climate change, and measures to enhance maritime security and stability in the oceans.