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E-Mail: MIMA Email@mima.gov.my
  1. What is MIMA?
    MIMA is a policy research institute established by the Malaysian government to deal specifically with national, regional and global maritime issues.  It is a company limited by guarantee without share capital.  It has five research centres that are supported by an Administration Unit and a Resource Centre.
  2. When was MIMA established and what are the key objectives of MIMA's establishment?
    MIMA was incorporated on 19 July 1993 under the Companies Act 1965.  Its key objective are to undertake policy research studies and be the national focal point to support and assist the Malaysian government in its maritime policy planning and implementation and in safeguarding Malaysia's maritime interests.
  3. What are MIMA's motto, vision and mission?
    Motto : Oceans of change for sustainability.
    Vision : Maritime policy research of distinction.
    Mission : To provide maritime-related advice and consultancy to stakeholders through policy research, training, education and public awareness programmes.
  4. Where does MIMA get its funding?
    MIMA obtains grant from the Malaysian government.  It also generates revenue from sales of publications and consultancy work, membership fees and course/seminar/workshop fees.
  5. What are the principal activities of MIMA?
    The principal activities of MIMA are conducting policy research on maritime issues to safeguard Malaysia's maritime interests and to disseminate information on maritime matters to the public.
  6. What are the products and services offered by MIMA?
    Among the products and services offered by MIMA are policy papers, publications (in print and online), advisory, consultancy, workshops/training courses and events such as talks, forums, seminars and conferences, all related to maritime issues.
  7. What are the research areas at MIMA?
    The research areas of MIMA mirror the organisational set-up of its research centres, namely:
    • Coastal and Marine Environment
    • Maritime Economics and Industries
    • Maritime Security and Diplomacy
    • Ocean Law and Policy
    • Straits of Malacca and other sealanes vital to Malaysia's interests
  8. What is the research philosophy of MIMA?

    MIMA has developed a research culture based on best practices in conducting research and tailored towards fulfilling the needs of our stakeholders and generating research products and services which are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely.  In doing so, MIMA adheres to the ethics and best practices in research, has put in place a robust internal peer review system and constantly carries out consultation with its stakeholders every step of the way throughout the life of each research project.

  9. What are the strategic plans of MIMA?
    MIMA's vision is to be a Centre of Excellence in producing maritime policy research outputs of distinction.  This plan is founded on the following pillars:
    • Infusing quality in all activities
    • Creating an organizational culture based on dynamism and desirable values
    • Developing human capital
    • Contributing policy options to safeguard national interests.
  10. Who are the principle stakeholders of MIMA?
    The principle stakeholders of MIMA are Malaysian government agencies, the public, industry players, academia and all parties with interest in the seas and oceans.
  11. What are among the key achievements of MIMA?
    Among the achievements of MIMA since its establishment are:
    • Facilitating the signing of the signing of the Prevention of Incidents at Sea (INCSEA) Agreement between the Malaysian and Indonesian navies
    • Providing research support that led to the establishment of the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA)
    • Organising series of international conferences on the Straits of Malacca and South China Sea
    • Publishing Malaysia's first ever Maritime Realm Atlas
    • Providing policy options for the establishment of an Admiralty Court in Malaysia
    • Contributing to maritime literature and safeguarding Malaysia's maritime interests
  12. How does MIMA promote its research works to its stakeholders?

    MIMA does so by submitting the reports of completed research projects to the respective stakeholders and beneficiaries of the projects.  It also carries out presentation of its research findings to stakeholders and at seminars and conferences.  In addition, it published its research findings through print and online platforms, and organises forums, seminars and conferences to showcase its research works.

  13. How does MIMA build capacity among its staff?
    MIMA constantly exposes its staff  to training workshops, courses and seminars to upgrade their skills and introduce them to new ones.  This includes sponsoring and supporting their pursuit for post-graduate education on maritime subjects.
  14. What is the corporate culture at MIMA?
    MIMA's corporate culture is built on two pillars, namely, individual culture based on loyalty, trust, commitment, productivity and efficiency; and corporate culture that features producing work of distinction, adhering to the institute's vision and mission, and always serving stakeholders' needs.
  15. How does MIMA raise public awareness on maritime issues?
    MIMA raises public awareness by publishing its research findings and commentaries on the latest issue and developments on the maritime sector using print, electronic and online platforms. MIMA publishes a quarterly magazine, MIMA Bulletin, containing articles on various maritime topics and Sea Views, an online commentary platform on the latest maritime issues, on its website.
  16. Does MIMA collaborate with other institutes and organizations?
    MIMA constantly seeks opportunities to collaborate with like-minded institutes and organisations in areas of mutual interest and benefit such as publishing and conducting seminars and conferences.