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Centre for Ocean Law And Policy (OLAP)

Welcome to Maritime Institute of Malaysia (MIMA) official website! MIMA is mandated by the government to provide maritime policy and consultancy services to the government, industries, and the community.          (17 March 2017) ''Latest : MIMA Chairman and DG interviewed on national TV, >> click here to find out more ....''


For 2016, OLAP carried out the following research projects:

  1. Light Dues Board Financial (Procurement) Policies and Procedures
  2. Report on the Proposed Federation Port Rules 201X.
  3. Report on Ferry Services Service Level Agreement.
  4. Proposed Revision to the Merchant Shipping Ordinance 1952:
    1. Ship Registration, Ship Licensing and Domestic Shipping Regime; and
    2. Enabling Transfer of Port Undertakings.
  5. Report on Port Tariff Comparison.
  6. Report on:
    1. The Proposed Merchant Shipping (Amendment and Extension) Act 201X to Implement the Ballast Water Management Convention, 2004; and
    2. The Proposed Merchant Shipping (Ballast Water Management) Regulations 201X.

For 2015, OLAP carried out the following research projects:

  1. Effective Implementation of the Ballast Water Management Convention, 2004 through Policies and Legislation.
  2. Feasibility Study on the Re-development of Kuala Kedah and Kuala Perlis Jetties.
  3. Malaysia Shipping Master Plan (2015-2020): A Strategy document for the Revitalization of the Malaysia Shipping Sector.
  4. Proposed Plan of Action for the Adoption and Implementation of the IMO Mandatory Audit Scheme.

For 2014, OLAP carried out the following research projects:

  1. Implementation of OPRC-HNS 2000: Developing a Joint Standard Operating Procedure for the Littoral States in the Straits of Malacca.
  2. Implementation of the Malaysian P&I Compulsory Statutory Liability Scheme.
  3. Proposed Ratification and Implementation of the 2010 HNS Convention.
  4. Implementation of Sections 11 and 11A of the Merchant Shipping (Liability and Compensation for Oil and Bunker Oil Pollution) Act 1994: Developing Tools for Recognising P&I Cover and Financial Security Providers
  5.  Report on the Proposed Bill of Lading and Analogous Shipping Document Bill 2014.
  6. Proposed Revision of the Light Dues Act 1953.
  7. A Proposed Revision of the Malaysian Ship Registsration under part II Merchant Shipping Ordinance 1952.

Opinion paper

  1. Winding up of the 1971 Fund.

For 2013, OLAP carried out the following research projects:

  1. Straits of Malacca: Legal and Institutional Framework
  2. Trafficking in Persons: Analysis of relevant provisions in the Anti-Trafficking in Persons and Anti-Smuggling of Migrants Act 2007
  3. Exploring the Commons: Mining in the International Seabed Area
  4. Review of Marine Environmental Laws
  5. Proposed legal and institutional framework for regulation of OTEC development
  6. South China Sea: A hodgepodge of legal issues
  7. Joint development arrangements/ prospects in the South China Sea

**To view the description of the projects, please click HERE

For 2012, OLAP carried out the following projects:

  1. Marine Electronic Highway Beyond The Demonstration Project: Sustainability and Challenges
    (Sharina Shaukat)
  2. PCASP: Legal Considerations and Options for Malaysia
    (Sharina Shaukat & Melda Malek)
  3. Assessing Malaysia’s Preparedness to Accede to the Protocol of 2005 to the Convention for the Suppression of Unlawful Acts against the Safety of Maritime Navigation (SUA 2005)
    (Melda Malek)
  4. Assessing China’s Historic Claim in the South China Sea: Implication to Malaysia
    (Melda Malek)
  5. Improving the perception of value of Malaysian maritime legal services
    (Amy Aai)
  6. Liability and compensation regime for transboundary oil damage resulting from offshore exploration and exploitation activities
    (Amy Aai)
  7. Proposal for a separate limit of liability for ships less than 300 tons pursuant to S360(7) Merchant Shipping (Amendment and Extension) Act 2011
    (Amy Aai)

To view summaries of the projects, please click HERE

Centre for Ocean Law And Policy (OLAP)


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