Maritime Institute of Malaysia

Visit by the regional ASEAN-German Technical Cooperation programme representatives

MIMA welcomed Ms Franca Sprong-Wijnreder, Project Director of the ASEAN-German Technical Cooperation on Sustainable Port Development in the ASEAN region (based at the GIZ office in Thailand) and colleague on 16 July 2014. This meeting was a follow-up to the 3rd Regional Course Developers Workshop on ASEAN-German International Technical Cooperation on Cities, Environment and Transport Programme in Manila from 7th -11th July and recent communications between MIMA and the GIZ.

Ms Franca Sprong-Wijnreder from the ASEAN-GIZ programme signing the visitor’s book at MIMA

The meeting discussed issues and cooperative opportunities in areas such as sustainable port...

Creating Port Centres of Excellence through the Johor Port Development Policy Blueprint

Johor Bahru

The signing of the Johor Port Authority MOUs on collaboration for establishing Port Centres of Excellence and launch of the Port Development Blueprint for Johor marked the culmination of initiatives undertaken by the Federal and State authorities and industry to transform Johor into an advanced and industrial state.

Drafted by the Johor Port Authority, the Port Development Policy Blueprint Johor 2014-2025 is a collaboration between the public and private sectors as to address port interface issues on spatial planning, hinterland connectivity and overall industry development. The comprehensive and inclusive nature of the policy initiatives promotes...

Promoting Sustainable Port Development in the ASEAN Region

ASEAN-German International Technical Cooperation on Cities, Environment and Transport Programme

Date:     7 – 11 July 2014
Venue:    Manila, Philippines  

Ports play a key role in the trade and economic development of the ASEAN region. With ever growing shipping traffic, port authorities and operators are becoming more concerned about the impact of their activities in these areas. Port operations and related activities that are concentrated in a relatively small area generally have the potential to pose high safety risks and environmental impacts.

The project on ‘Sustainable Port...

SIPRI Maritime Security Forum, Stockholm and Visit to International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea

9-11 July 2014

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute organised the second session of the SIPRI Maritime Security Forum in Stockholm on maritime security in the region. This was followed by a visit and meeting at the International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) in Hamburg

The SIPRI security forum discussed maritime security issues in the region that focused on East Asia and beyond. Scholars from Asia, Europe and North America exchanged ideas on maritime management mechanism such as risk reduction among naval ships and avoiding incidents at sea. Multinational naval operations were identified as a...


MIMA was pleased to host the Director General of India’s Coast Guard, (DG ICG) Vice Admiral Arurag G Thapliyal, AVSM, the Commandant of the ICG, Commander HS Sherawat and the Defence Adviser, Colonel Praveen Chhabra on 9 Jul 2014 as part of their visit to maritime-security-related agencies in Malaysia.     


Col. Praveen, Vice Admiral Arurag,  Capt. Martin and Cdr Sherawat during the discussions

Capt. Martin A. Sebastian, Head, Centre for Maritime Security and Diplomacy attended to the visit. DG ICG was keen to discuss on several areas among them the Indian Ocean, Privately Contracted Armed Security...